Our Mission

Progressive Arkansas Women PAC is dedicated to increasing the number of progressive women in elected office in Arkansas. Our mission is to identify and support women leaders in our communities who are committed to reproductive freedom and women’s economic and social equality.


  • Provide financial support and other campaign assistance to progressive women running for office in Arkansas.
  • Create and sustain a network of supporters who will insure a growing and well-funded movement to change the face of the Arkansas Legislature over the next ten years.
  • Recruit progressive women to run for office.

(Progressive Arkansas Women is a state PAC and is not allowed to contribute to candidates for federal office without complying with federal PAC regulations, which we are not equipped to do.)

Founding Members:

Bettina Brownstein, Debbie Goolsby, JoAnne Mills, Murry Newbern, LeAnne Robertson, Pat Rogers Ward, & Katherine West.